What Is SEO and Why Do I Need It?


SEO is becoming more and more of a commonality these days, but what is its true definition? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than just a tool that marketers use to bring more traffic to a site, landing page, or social media platform page.

When somebody types in a keyword or key phrase, proper SEO implementation we’ll bring your content page up in the search engines.

The goal is to be on page number one, but most importantly, Position number one on page one; as viewers seldom dig through the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) to find what they are looking for


What does SEO not do?


SEO alone does not help you to magically bring clients or customers to your website. It takes  more than SEO alone in order to optimize a full on marketing campaign. It will not be me is all says all to advertising, in fact, it should only be implemented as roughly 20% of your entire marketing campaign. But what SEO does help with, is helping you get found either by a post or page within your website.


How do I get found in the search engines?


In implementing your message to your viewers, various keywords within your content are examined by top search engines, and are ranked by various factors that will help the search engine decide which content is best, and which order to rank it. These factors include:

  • Original content- avoiding copying from any other site


  • Keyword usage buy location within your content-distance proximity does matter. Using your keywords properly in the content title and meta data


  •  Images with proper names, with proper alt tags


  • Meta-tags and placed within the site, used as indicators to define the subject matter


  • Content relative to your site that suggests the same topic of your site, keeping topic matter streamlined 


  • Outbound and inbound links, creating “link juice”


  • Trending topic matter, that is talked about in forums, social media, and other websites


  • URL age- how long the URL has been occupied for


  • Secure Sockets Layer Certificate (SSL Certificate)


  • Schema Markup


  • Most important of all, back link structure- other sites referencing your material

Things to keep in mind–

Do not rely strictly on Google, which is the number one search engine you want to rank in, to bring new customers or clients. Google is a growing machine, a learning algorithm, that changes up the rules that will make you or break you in SEO.

If you really want to rock in the marketing department, you should only use this as a slow-growing marketing strategy while implementing other techniques to draw leads to your site or landing page.

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